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  1. My new Duo 2 (with 2GHz dual cpu) PC plays Chankast games way too fast... for example SF3:3rd Strike never goes below 80 fps. I have tried to slow it down with SpeedPig, but that does absolutely nothing. I also tried using the +/- keys on the numberpad, but all that does is change the CPU usage, the framerate doesn't actually change. How can I slow the game down to 60 fps?
  2. Well then I'm just lost here...I have all the correct settings, the right BIOS, and as far as I know the correct ISO. Does anyone else have the same problem I do, where it stops after the SNK Playmore screen? Or does anyone know what would be causing it??
  3. I'm back again. So here's the big question: does anyone here actually have KOFXI working in PCSX2? Or is this just a "theoretical possibility"? Every site I go to people say "oh yeah, that game probably won't run in PCSX2" but nobody has actually confirmed whether it will or wont. Again, I almost got it...I got to the SNK-Playmore screen, and then it just goes black. The framerate is VERY high (over 90fps most of the time). So if this game really does work in PCSX2, what needs to be done at this point?
  4. It's running at over 90fps. I have a brand new Duo 2 pc, with dual 2 GHz CPUs. I guarantee you it has nothing to do with framerate
  5. OK I'm almost there. I got to the SNK Playmore screen...but then it goes black after the logo fades out. So, what's going on now?
  6. The only plugin that works is EFP...linuzzapps and PEOPS give me an error. I don't think anyone actually understands what I'm trying to get at here...I *CAN* open PCSX2, it works fine. But there's no option to open the game itself. Even if I go to the file itself and open it, the same thing happens--the browser opens with the config screen, but no game.
  7. I don't care about framerate at the moment... Anyway I have the correct BIOS, I never get an error about that. I DO go to "run .elf file" and that just brings up the config screen. That's all I'm trying to figure out...how do I get past the config screen? It's as if it doesn't detect any game. (And yes, KOFXI is compatible with PCSX2t, even if the framerate is terrible)
  8. I did format it. But how do you get to the actual game? Forget the fact that it's a fighting game...how do I open a game??
  9. OK I've got KOFXI loaded in VirtualDaemon (the file is kof11-gant). And I've got PCSX2t up and running...so I get to the config screen, and I get to the memory card screen. It says "no data." And that's it--that's as far I can go. How do I get to the actual GAME itself?
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