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  1. If the altest version gives you a black screen, then the problem is most likely in your configuration or hardware. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not a hardware problem. Just becuase it's the latest emulator doesn't mean it improves all games. Some games may not work properly or at all in newer versions until a stable emu is released. This happens all the time with emu's which, again, is why i asked which version he was using. So anyone have any clue on if this works with pcsx2 0.9.1?
  2. it shows a black screen with the new verision of pcsx2. That's why i asked which version of the emu he has. Maybe the previous ver. will let you play the game.
  3. ummm yeah, how did you get it to run? and what version of pcsx2 are you using?
  4. how did you get it to work on pcsx2? And do you know what version of pcsx2 you're using? I can get the game to start in the beggining but then it goes to a black screen
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