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Silent Hill The Movie Thread Reloaded


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Scan from a recent magazine. Discuss...again.



The picture is the PH and it's pretty graphic... I mean REALLY graphic.

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We've come to determine, he isn't holding a mannequin or a nurse, it is actually a female cultist (See trailer again, one of them trips).


The picture could be a production photo. There are 2 on teh net, one with a watermark over it, and is darker, and this one.

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Iv played all of them very recently- recently enough to remember the intricacies of each ones storyline. Not that having done so will matter much since this isnt strictly any of the game-stories adapted.


Im so glad there isnt enough fanboyism surrounding Silent Hill as there is for... say.. Resident Evil. This way Im hoping the movie benefitted from the creative liberalism that you only get when you arent trying to make a blockbuster action film.


I hope Ill be able to say that it is without a doubt the best game to film adaption Ive ever seen. Well have to wait and see, but things are looking up.

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damn.. they need to make this movie a long one..and I mean really, taking bits by bits from all 3 massive stories ain't a good thing. They should develope a good plot, by means able to take good detail elements from all 3 games to make this movie worthwhile.

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