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yet since firefox has all the USER made plug-ins you can personalize to limitless proportions with a great variety of options




Don't be stupid, like firefox on DS would have user plugins?

Firefox is far too slow, bloated, memory-intensive, and close-mindedly designed to work on a limited system like the DS. Opera is a great browser and I'm quite glad to see it used on the DS.



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I for one hope someone will still work on a homebrewn browser. As good as Opera DS will be, it will not have Flash, Java or PDF support. You also can't play any music or what not downloaded from it..So, there's still room for a home brewn web browser.

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Because those programs just recieve screenshots and request data from a server, so there's a computer in the middle doing all the work. Take that computer away and you leave all the work to the DS, which only has 4 MB of RAM. I know FireFox is a bad example, but it is using 24MB just viewing this page. There is a demo of a Flash interpreter out there for the DS which runs OK, but you'll never get that together with a browser for the functionality you want. Bottom line is that the DS really wasn't made for applications.

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