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  1. Just make sure you have AGP. Some budget pcs dont
  2. what other good GC homebrew is there? and i wonder how easily a GC modchip could be adapted...
  3. if you've survived this long on onboard, a $100 card would be more than enough. But i doubt you have pci-e but probably have AGP. newegg.com is very cheap for everything
  4. Super Smash Brothers Brawl <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ......S for Super, next S for Smash, wtf is the M for. He was making fun of the bad spelling i presume
  5. pirating is alot bigger then drugs for the $$$
  6. just get a supercard then you wont have to buy any games! but have a good selection, at least one game from every genre. i have Metroid Prime Hunters Kirby Kanvas Curse Snow Board Kids Mario Kart Lunar Dragon Song Castlevania Dragon Ball Z Advance Wars and some others
  7. the ds has 4mb or ram doesnt it..? and the m3 32mb or something?
  8. you should listen to their older stuff if you want real punk rock, their first 3 albums were really hard
  9. Where i live we dont excatly have that problem...the 2 nuclear plants within 50 miles of me kinda keep the town powered
  10. Punk rock band from California. If you look at my sig you will see a quote from a song
  11. wow. go you. my big, hopefully lucky, day is July 8th when i go se A.F.I. in Chicago. I've been saving up my karma and am hoping to cash in big time
  12. i tried playing, always get "agent errors"
  13. Japan is kinda.....well some traditions are dumb. the USA puts more into its military then anybody else, and when something big happens, like when the USA nuked Japan before Japan had a working bomb, all the scientists working on it killed themselves...not a good way to progress
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