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No! I've already spwnt alot of money running homebrew on my ds. Also sgstair has spent alot of time to build a TCP library for the ds and now it will go to waste when everyone gets the opera crap!


It's just nice to have a good commercial browser available. Not sure if I'm willing to spend money on it - have to first see how it's going to look like and what the final price is.


Otherwise, there's lots of room for homebrew wifi applications - no official instant messenger apps, irc clients, email clients etc. have been announced. And not to mention having multiplayer possibility also for homebrew games.

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Its not like sgstair did all his work just so someone could make a browser. Hell no its for tons of things like internet playable homebrew games, or internet chat, and those remote access programs (or he just did it for the bounty :banghead: )


And about buying it, well. The browser will most likely be released on a normal cart just like a game. And so it will probably dumped as a rom the day it comes out.

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