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  1. You state in your signature that you've earnt 140 bucks in a month, yet you want the "absoloute cheapest one" . Anyway... I think the Gameboy Advance Movie Player (GBAMP) is the cheapest solution of 'em all. Just buy the adapter and buy a compactflash card or sd card (depends on your version) and you're good to go... You will still need to have a way of running homebrew.
  2. DSRemote is coming along nicely, I lost my DS, tho, so I have to go look for it... But a release isn't far away! After this release DSRemote I will leave the project be and start on a new project, maybe a game!
  3. Sorry for another post . It seems it is working quite well now for some akward reason... I first thought that it could be problems with the ram of some sort, but that doesn't (I think) seems to be the problem now. Ah well.. good luck!
  4. Maybe you should buffer the data first before playing, I don't really know the problem, but if it is a problem in the transfer (TX rate dropping or s/t), buffering might be a good idea. I will look at the source, tho. EDIT: I looked at your code and already discovered a buffer function. You could try making the buffer function somewhat more advanced, maybe incorporating the space on a CF-card or something. I'll do some more test to see what is really the matter .
  5. I had good 1.5 minute of audio on the SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server, the first time I tested it. After this some real strange symptoms became popping up all of a sudden. Ah well.. It seems you're not the only one with these problems. Some info: Nintendo DS Flashme v7 Tested on GBAMP 256mb CF 6 megabit internet connection Ralink softap, TX Rate set to auto (11mb when testing the radio) Hope it helps!
  6. I'll see what I can do when I get home, I'm using a Ralink card, so knowing if that works might be important for those that bought a similar card for wifime.
  7. I'm back with some new news! The code of DSRemote is quite outdated, that's why I chose for a complete new update with basic functionality and more. With all the stuff like NDSMail (with RSS support) going on, I chose to focus on what DSRemote does best: acting as a remote control! Check out the attached screeny of the new interface, I will be working on it and see what I can make of it! dsremotelite.bmp For the latest news on this project, please visit gamersgalaxy!
  8. Jep, I'm afraid the project is dead because with the new TCP thingy, things like ndsmail make my app a bit useless. I will probably release DSRemote Lite together with an binary soon so we'll have the most important functionality: a remote for Winamp that isn't bothered by all the other stuff I've implented over the months (rss, mail, etc etc.). Thanks for using my app anyway!
  9. A quick update for DSRemote Which features will be in v0.3.0? - Full RSS reading - Printing and saving RSS feeds - A new printing method (maybe nice to include in textwriter apps) Coming in v0.3.0 updates (v0.3.1, v0.3.2 etc.) - Mail checking - A new shell (?) Stay tuned!
  10. You are right! My humble apologies . Completely forgot about these functions. I'll see what I can do after I'm finished smoking my ciggie .
  11. Zomgwtf?! Jup, that was exactly my response when after installing Mac OsX on my PC, Windows XP's boot.ini was messed up. Silly me who doesn't have a repair disk had to cope with a buggy Mac OS (great OS nonetheless) and a failing XP partition. The fact that I'm posting here right now means that I was able to recover my XP partition completely ^yay^, and I will continue coding, but not before I give you a small demo of what I've been working on (RSS and stuff). So with no further ado, enjoy! (please note that this is a work in progress, so I don't guarantee it being fully bug-free) dsremote_wip_0.3.0.zip
  12. Sweet ^^. Didn't know that yet, so if I'm right you can use your DS on other ap's as well? Even if it's not 802.11b? (which I highly doubt)
  13. There are two sides DSRemote operates on. The server must be run under Windows (preferably Win XP), while the client (the DS app) must be run on the DS. So how do you run the DS app on the DS? Well, first of all you must have a way to play homebrew application on your DS. For this, you will need to either flash your DS, use Passme, or have a compatible wireless network card. If you need help with this or I think a lot of people on this forums are able to help you out with this. Secondly, you will need a way to store the app. This can be done with a flashcard or a gba movie player, once again, people here can help you with this. To use the wireless apps like DSRemote, though, a Ralink rt2500 compatible wireless network card is compulsory. Good luck!
  14. I was cut off from the internet at my girlfriend's house (installing a wireless network on SP1, with another lan connection already running is a biatch, especially when you ruin the LAN connection which cuts you off from the i-net) but I'm glad to inform you that the only thing that's left to do for my to get RSS working, is... word wrapping! . So expect something soon .
  15. Ah well, I was just illustrating my point : I don't think the GBAMP will be able to run out of free space when used as a swap disk .
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