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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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(This is something I'm working on - I expect to be able to connect to the official USB stick soon...)




that would be very nice if it would work with the original dongle.


today i tried to install the drivers from waffle but it does not get an connection.

im sure its my fault :blink:

i will try it one more time... otherwise i will wait for the update.

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DDDDUUUUUUUUDEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that's real.... and if it works on my wireless system..... I WILL POOP MY PANTS!!!! please release it soon!.... not to rush you or anything.......


but i'm gunan be gone for a week at iD Tech camp so hopefully you don't release too soon.....


but i'm probably assuming too much.....


P.S. any info on that microphone idea?

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