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Virus scanners.

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i have norton 2004 pro (with like updates until 2048)

but i'm fed up of it... it's too heavy so to speak, plus i'm starting to seriously doubt it's strength.



so what's teh BEST virus scan around?

and how much of the system resources does it usually use ?


i was thinking of pc cillin internet security (which seems very very good actually) plus i already have it so i won't hafta download, but if there's something better, i'm all for it ( when i checked a while back, pc cillin was given the highest scores that's why i got it then)


btw, if i uninstall norton 2004, will i hafta reinstall xp like what happens every time i uninstall ANYTHING norton related?

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go with AVG Antivirus


I used to use Norton, then tried McAffee, and now i use AVG, i like it the best, because its not all like




or at least thats what norton does

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I'm satisfied with AvG


it's a virus scanner...nothing more


only virus it's ever found has been the kind that are in them java-applet compressed directories (Norton ignored those)


IMO, Norton is unnecessary unless you use bit torrent or p2p like a maniac while your LAN IP Adress is set to DMZ (or just plain running a windows server :P )

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I still don't get what people complain about with regards to Norton.

The damn thing only uses 10MB of RAM with auto-protect enabled, and auto-protect is NOT a waste of resources. Not having auto-protect enabled is just plain f**king stupid.


Nav's 3 processes total use 10MB or less and no CPU power on my box, which btw is a fairly outdated P4 1.4Ghz with 512MB of RAM. Hardly anything considering it's one of THE most important things to have running on your computer.


Not to mention, Symantec is ontop of everything when it comes to the latest viruses. You think all these other no-name-wares are as up to date, or the first out of the gate with fixes/definitions for the latest in malware? Think again. Symantec is the industry leader for a reason.


Even when using IE I've NEVER seen Norton biatch about cookies or spyware. The only thing it's bitched about is javascript exploits. You shouldn't be using IE for starters anyway (You ain't gonna find it bitching about anything another browser loads), damn POS swiss cheese.......the browser itself isn't even a browser by definition, and is an exploit in and of itself.


When dealing with offline files (Stuff I already know is ok) I disable auto-protect so it's not scanning files I'm moving around. Other than that I don't see what the problem is, if your computer is "freezing" because Norton has caught something, your issues lie not within your antivirus, but your own damn habits. I haven't had a virus even get near my PC in years. Stop using a suck-ass browser, stop downloading garbage you aren't sure about, and clean up your bloated ass PC.


Sorry for the rant, but I really believe problems with Norton (And other major software pieces of some importance) are USER ERROR. Nobody I know including myself that has a half a clue how to keep their machine running clean and smooth ever has any problems.

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