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  1. Go for AVG or Karpersy. Both worked for me
  2. Too funny vid . Seriously, wtf?! Violence won't take anywhere, specially with a PC. It's way outta line shooting with big gun like that
  3. That is so wrong at so many levels Maybe could be the food that ppl are eating that might the those growth proportion, or maybe not?
  4. SC3 is freakin' awesome . There's a lot of things that you can do ...But has only one downfall, not online play , but the extras, IMHO makes it up for the online thingy. About the created characters Charlotte (Samurai Showdown) Hibiki (Last Blade) Raiden (Mortal Kombat) Jubei (Samurai Showdown) that's it for now PS: I can't get Li Long unlocked, is freakin too long
  5. I've seen many ppl play it though. In malls, etc.
  6. I would go NGB or MK: SM Also Burnout Revenge, ppl say that is quite entertaining
  7. Well, If case that any1 didn't know, is back online
  8. That's a bummer. Mad Cow Disease, now Avian Flu. This isn't pretty, guys.
  9. Are you serious ! a leech In Aus this guy ordered a burger from Mc Donalds and there was a bloody plasta (band aid) in his Bun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. Also, it I heard this. This dude called a pizza parlor, to try to make a bad joke. The pizza parlor's employees weren't happy about so, anyway, the parlor's guys, did step on the pizza, spit, God know what've done that pizza and delivered to the guy. Wait did you said a band aid in one of the burguers buns? That's disgusting. Also I had a friend workin' for KFC. He was carrying a pan full of chicken and drop it on the floor by accident. My friend was going to pick it up, the manager stops him and say "what are you doing, you know we have a shortage of chicken" and my friend say yes. And then the manager takes the chicken and put them in were going to server to the public . Also, this another story. About McDonald's, it even appeared on the news. So anyway, this guy worked on the cooking area. But the thing is this guy masturbated on the mc-chicken mayonaisse and mix within and served to the ppl. They catch him during the acted and they kicked out of the joint. So anyway, after testing his sperm, he had some kind of STD.
  10. Nice site, Suvo, Thanks. I might get some songs that I couldn't get from meh mind
  11. . Yes indeed. Coz I eat like once or twice a day Anyway, more experience fast food. I remember one of my friends, buying at the local wendys. He ordered some fries and they gave them to him with a leech on the fries . I remember seeing some nail crust on some1 pizza at a restaurant
  12. I think I know, but not so sure about it. I'll check more...
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