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Virus scanners.

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I also recommend NOD32. Its simply the best virus protection available there. Norton is no real option, its like AOL, once installed your system is a mess. Besides that I tested almost everything that is out there, Kaspersky, Avast, Panda and the like.


I actually paid for Nod32 two years straight. And when it comes to support these people rule. When i installed the retail version, my ICS didnt work. I suspected NOD32 first ofcourse and made a support call wether the retail version was different from the trialversion. To make a long story short: It wasnt NOD causing the problems. But what i never experienced before was, that the ESET people _called_ me and wanted my Network specs, like which OS on which PC, how many PCs and stuff to build such a network at their lab to figure out whats wrong.


Thats top notch support i never found anywhere else.


And yes, its advanced heuristic catches some viruses and bugs before they are announced. (WMF bug and some worm for example)

So get NOD32 and you are set. Nothing else for me again.

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ok, to anyone using nod32 or avg, or panda, or nav, or pccillin.


i've tried them all. (yes i was that bored)


Uninstall all that and install Symantec corporate antivirus.





1- it's VERY powerful, caught stuff even nod32 didn't.

2- the scan is so freakin light weight, that i'm performing a full system scan right now, and it's talking less than 1% of my system resources

3- no need to restart computer after updates.

4- doesn't bombard you with notices about what it blocked

5- no overly drawn gui, gui is simple and proficient.

6- much much MUCH faster in scanning.



now my personal list:


1- Symantec corporate antivirus.

2- nod32 (it was REALLY close)

3- McAffee VirusScan Enterprise Edition

4- Avast

5- Avg

6- Panda

7- pc cillin/ trend internet security ( if for features alone, even though it's VERY VERY powerful also.)






nth- anything norton.

(yes, it's that bad comparatively.)



the question asks itself though... if SCAV and NOD32 are that powerful and yet that light.... why the hell can't all other virus scan makers do the same?

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There is one problem with Symantec Corporate and that's the startup scan bug. If you notice whenever you boot into Windows it takes forever for stuff to be up to speed, it's because of that. There is a registry fix but I can't remember it.

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I had it right the other way with Symantec and Nod 32. At my neighbours new laptop with Norton preinstalled and the update contract running out, i deinstalled Norton and installed Nod32.

Nod32 wasnt on the machine for more than 3 mins and found spyware, Norton didnt bother.

But Norton is like AOL, once installed your system is a mess.

So go with nod32, the only scanner gotten the vbulletin 100% award 18 times in a row.

Norton is for Pussies.

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