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  1. BOTH!! But jokes aside, how long do you think implementing each would take? Just pick the one you think would be faster to do so you can release the next version as soon as possible. But if you want to know what I'd really like to see next, it's mouse support. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, making mouse support (If you meant using with the buttons) for DS2Key SS, was pretty easy. But if you're talking about the touch screen, then I have no idea. Afaik, Multiple DS's is already supported? PS: Keep updating, Sypherce!
  2. For the ones who just hate that they can't use the mouse, and think that finding every single value in the DirectInput libary takes too long, This is a program for you Current version: V0.5 Features: Mouse support! Automatic Key-to-DirectInput. And some other things. Todo: Changeable skin. Save server option. Fix the bugs. Please tell me, if I need something or you find bug. ------------- Download Here ------------- Enjoy! And remember to read the included text files first.
  3. DS2Key Simple Server: Download Here Please report any bugs you find Enjoy ^^
  4. Alright. It've been a few days... And I'm currently working on a simple PC side server for DS2Key, called DS2Key Simple Server (V0.5 Almost finshed!). Now you don't have to put all those numbers in the INI file. It automatically does that for you when you configure the buttons. And mouse support! But only on the DS's buttons (IE NOT ON THE TOUCH SCREEN!). I can't do anything with the touch screen, because the author (Sypherce) have'nt implented that yet. And all the original credits goes to the author, he's the great one here! I'll probally be releasing V0.5 today, but i have'nt tested it fully yet, like in FPS games etc. If you want to beta test, contact me on TheDarkKiller90@msn.com. And Sypherce, if you don't like it to be released or you want to try it out in the beta stages, just contact me. EDIT: If anyone wants to know, I'm using a older version of the DS2Key.exe ~DarkKiller~
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