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I figured I'll make a new thread on Online Gaming for PC/Consoles. This is similar to the Post your alias... thread but this is a more updated one now. It just basically allows members to see what games other people play if they want to play online with each other.


Hamachi Server (http://www.hamachi.cc/) - Can play any game that has lan with other people. Only thing is that it might not be as full as playing on the internet, but it may have less lag.

And yeah, you can play downloaded games on hamachi. Just don't discuss links or anything there :P



Server name: 1emu

Pw: rocks




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Well I'm in the server, waiting for you to reply!!!!





(Also play Gunz, Warrock, Gates To Heavan, all MMo's though)


Yea I just got a 360 so your all going to see me online a lot less >.>.

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Just bumping this a bit. for anyone that's still interested. I might run a few events with this such as Quake 3 night, Doom 2 Night, Flatout, or something. We'll have to see (possibly in spring break).


On a sidenote, who's Racor

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I just starting playing America's Army, it's OK. Not the perfect game, but it's more like CS on the UT engine.


I just re-installed UT99, that game is still kicking butt after all this years.

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Just a note, if you're using hamachi. You might want to check out their forums (find other gaming networks and stuff). but the main reason is that you can check for scheduled downtimes so they don't interrupt your gaming time



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America's Army; Guild Wars; GunZ; Endless Online; Kal Online; Endless Lands; Halo Zero



Alpha_Slayer; Mooney; G Flame



Hamachi; Xfire; ICQ; Google Talk; mIRC


I wanna play some gamez! ;)

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