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New computer


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Well I finally decided to get a newish computer. It certainly outperforms the old 500mhz model.


Now Zinc runs all games at 60fps instead of about 4fps.


All my neogeo games run at full speed now as well.

MAME32 takes


I don't really know about the best video card or processor or whatever, but here are some specs (whatever they mean)


Processor: intel PentiumD Dual Core 3.0ghz

Motherboard: ABIT AW8-Max

RAM: 4gb

Case: Antec Plus View II Extreme

Hard Drive: Seagate NCQ 400gb SATA

Graphics: Powercolor X850XT 256mb

OS: XP professional 2002 SP2

DVDROM: Lite-On 16x

DVD Rewriter: LG 16x Dual Layer Dual Mode

Power Supply: ATX EPS 400w

TV card: Ultraview DBT-plus High Definition Card (with remote control)

Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum (with remote control)


Extra 80mm Blue-Light fan (and it glows in the dark when illuminated by an ultra-violet lamp)


Now, it all sounds terribly impressive to me, but is it really?

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That is a very good computer. Excellent, I should say. I would have gone for the Athlon64X2 but that's just me. You have a flockton of RAM which is nice. Excellent video card, big harddrive, good DVD burner, nice case, and a good sound card.


You're set.

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Decrypted or encrypted never made any difference in speed. The problem was if I have the roms.



As for the 4gb, well memory is quite cheap these days, and I wanted a bit of future-proofing, so I thought why not? It means I have done away with the swap file completely, which means it can run even faster.

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