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"XBox 360 unstable and crashy after one day"


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Interesting thing mentioned in the EGM rumor section this issue: They say that the Revolution will sport graphics not that much more advanced then the Gamecube's.


Not that that's a bad thing, but I wonder if there's any truth to that rumor.

Well when the 360 kits came out games ranged from Xbox-like to very awesome.

So with this, will have to wait and see.

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On topic: Sad that a lot of 360's are dieing only 2 minutes after being opened. Really just made me decide not to get one after my mom called me to tell me she was going to buy me one. O well, let me start waving goodbye to Dead or alive until next year *waves*.


Off topic: In my school, during lunch, last year when psp was released some students circled around a corner to play there psp's local. Now, those same students, plus many more (a lot more) are playing with there DS's.


Do you guys think Nintendo will save the gaming industry again if it so happens to end up like the 80's?

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The only place everyone is hearing good, is when it's not being heard at all.


Then again, everyone DOES focus on teh bad of thigns regardless.


Edit: Only 3% of all current 360s have defects.





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Do you guys think Nintendo will save the gaming industry again if it so happens to end up like the 80's?


personally yes.

hopefully, they'll at least make gaming fun again.


and to the whole"nintendo has a niche"


you know what?

flock that.


like i said before, i'd really rather nintendo try to do something exclusive and different, than be another console that has pretty much the same 3rd party games as all the others (read: games are NOT going to be platform exclusive because studios need to get them to the widest audience because games are getting too expensive to make and they need to recover their costs.)


you know how similar in hardware the ps3 and xbox360 (and i believe the rev) are? they all have nvidia cards and ibm processors...

basically you're more or less buying the same damn thing with a different branding on the machine.


so do we REALLY need nintendo to make a console, that's pretty much the exact same as the other two?


so for the love of God, stop bitching about nintendo trying to do something different, because you know what, if they hadn't countless times before, most of the best gaming would not be. so let them try.

you want to play resident beaver 5, and tony fark gazillion, and fifa 2999, stick to the xbox or ps3 (not much difference).

you want to try something different, get a rev.

you want both worlds, buy both.

heck, and with the price range the rev is hinting at, it could be quite affordable to do just that.



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ATi made both the Revolution "Broadway" Graphics Chip and the 360 graphics chip, PS3 is using an nVidia core. But all 3 CPUs are made by IBM.

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