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DS Tunnelling


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Personally, I'd rather see first the TCP and UDP done, we have all been waiting so long, and can't wait to have a library to start do some nice apps...

But of course, this look really interesting too (latency times permitting)

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Ive been watching dswifi for some time now and I originally found out about it while searching through homebrew sites to see if anyone had created a tunneling interface yet.


So first, congratulations on the first milestone in the bounty (and best of luck with the other 2).


Second, thank you very much for all the hard work on the wifi project.


Third, thank you again for tackling a tunneling interface. Personally Id rather you worked on it over anyone else, much akin to first party software for a console... you know it best and you can make it function best.


So thanks for all the hard work, there are a lot of us out here that really appreciate it :D

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There was an update today, and I have a question: Will it be a program on the computer where the DS thinks that the computer is another DS, then the computer tunnels the code to other DSs (a la Wifi Me) so people without flash cards can still use this?

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A few notes...

It'll be a PC app that creates "virtual" DSes locally so that your DS can see them. it won't actually require anything special from your DS.


the internet WMB server will be a DSTunnel master you can connect to that will let you download demos like WMB does, but over the internet.... it's mainly for fun but could be useful (and could probably be used for streaming like alexa said)


I'm planning on making the internet pictochat server as an app where people can connect and run pictochat, and it'll post the images on a website somewhere :P



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