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DS Tunnelling


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Hi, I've been following Sgstair's work on DSWifi for a while now, and now that you are nearly finished, I am very excited to see this tunneling app coming. I'm new to this homebrew thing, so I have a few questions about it. I hope I don't sound too stupid.  :unsure:

Questions are never stupid unless they are already explained some posts ago ;).


First, will this work with download play on the DS for games such as Super Mario 64 DS? I kinda doubt it, but anything is possible I suppose.

I don't realy understand your question, but I guess a downloaded game can be tunneled, but than you should actually tunnel the host DS and the other DS's over the internet need to download the game too.


Second, in games such as Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, there seems to be a limited amount of rooms available for wireless play. How will the application make more rooms for people once the maximum number of rooms has been hit?

Currently I'm pretty sure rooms aren't implemented yet, but eventually the program will have the functionality Teamxlink.co.uk's kai has. So you can create your own room and play with gamers.


Finally, will the application have a friends list or something of the sort? It is nice to have those options, but certainly not an absolute essential.

Eventually this will be implemented I guess, depending how Sgstair is going to release the tunnel project. If it will be released as application, he should implement these thing. But if he releases it as library or something, then other can implement things like this. Actually, I hope he will let others participate in the development of the interface, so development will go faster and Sgstair has time to work on other projects :)

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Hello :)

I've been around for a while, but haven't bothered posting. So first I would like to say, good job on getting the first half of the WiFi bounty, and good luck on getting the rest.


I don't have a GBA ROM cart, so I would benefit mutch more from DS tunneling, but I plan on getting a ROM card when I save up the money. So I've been watching for an update. I hope I don't sound too impatient, but what's happening? are you close, any major problems, almost finished, a few weeks yet? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Well, it's been over 2 weeks sense the last update, so what's going on. Everything is so quiet...


I know man, theres been like no new posts.



At which point you should realize he's not obligated to update you at all, nor is he obligated to share any of his work with you. You should all be patient and thankfull that Mr. Stair is contributing his work to the community like he is.



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You should all be patient and thankfull that Mr. Stair is contributing his work to the community like he is.



Amen to that

But I guess sometimes, you just don't want something/someone to fall of the face of the earth, and never be heard from again. So people just poke and prod it until they get an answer.


I dunno. Don't listen to me. I'm just some 15 year old

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I have an idea:


If he got the UDP-Ip stack working,

he could apply for the second part of the bounty, get the money and release the source code of what he has done up to now, so that other people could start working on the project as well, possibly completing it.

That would be the idea of having OS development: more people working on a project.


Otherwise, if he decides to drop the project, he may as well tell, so that other people gets interested into developing: if he is going to complete, it does not make sense to start competing.

If he is not, then things are different.


Of course, don't get me wrong: I really appreciate what he has being doing up to now, and I think he deserves getting the whole bounty.

He can do what he likes, bus asking is not wrong nor shows any "disrespect" or "ingratitude" or else.



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