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  1. I think I also have problems with the open authentication system. But not sure. NWFC runs perfectly well using shared weg (128bit). And open non-wep also works, but open wep, either 64 and 128-bit, wont work. I'm able to connect to an ap, but then I don't receive any data (tried dns query and stuff).
  2. You can play dpg's with the M3 extender.
  3. As JaJa said, we also need AP mode for multiplayer games. Someone's DS has to create a local network. And others have to log on to that one. If you're planning to transfer stuff from DS to PC you don't need AP mode, because the DS connects with the AP at home which your computer is connected to. So the DS _has_ to be in infrastructure mode. Same for creating an internet server on your DS, AP mode is not needed for that.
  4. That should be possible. But first someone has to figure out how the data is stored and then we are able to read these settings, but probably Sgstair won't have this in his first release so someone else has to write it!
  5. Hehe ofcourse . Well, still dswifi has to support ap mode. So does it?
  6. If it turns out to be impossible to implement ad-hoc mode, how will we be able to setup a connection between 2 ds's? Should we use 'ni-fi' then and write our own 802.11 parser? BTW: Nice to see UDP stack is ready and that you're almost ready to collect the other 2 milestones. GJ Sg.
  7. I think almost everybody is hoping to find softAP drivers for its wifi card. Luckilly I didn't have any wireless network, so now I have an all rt2500 network . Ralink must earn tons of the DS Dev community
  8. Ok, I'm sorry. I was frustrated from another board with kids not reading a couple posts above. The DS should connect with all AP's, including non RT2500. So if you have any kind of access point supporting 802.11b or g it should work!
  9. I think the silence in this thread speaks for it self.
  10. Questions are never stupid unless they are already explained some posts ago . I don't realy understand your question, but I guess a downloaded game can be tunneled, but than you should actually tunnel the host DS and the other DS's over the internet need to download the game too. Currently I'm pretty sure rooms aren't implemented yet, but eventually the program will have the functionality Teamxlink.co.uk's kai has. So you can create your own room and play with gamers. Eventually this will be implemented I guess, depending how Sgstair is going to release the tunnel project. If it will be released as application, he should implement these thing. But if he releases it as library or something, then other can implement things like this. Actually, I hope he will let others participate in the development of the interface, so development will go faster and Sgstair has time to work on other projects
  11. He still can beat mkds in Europe
  12. But then we would have to write a whole Java interpreter...
  13. No this won't because we currently can't sign our homebrew, so it could only be a problem with FlashMe but then you are able to reflash it. You don't need to be so scared, there's a lot of crapware for your computer and you still go online.
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