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Depends on what you mean by anime sites. If you mean torrents, it's ok as long as the site in question doesn't host licensed anime torrents or anime games that have been licensed in the US.

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I'm pretty sure ******** has licensed material. But I guess it doesn't break the rules as long as you don't post links....


It's funny I can't find the Forum rules anywhere...hmmmm.

Edited by someboddy
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Sorry. While The forum rules don't explicitly say you should not post the names or urls of illegal sites without linking them, it's against their essence.


Also, someone suggested we post links in such manners before, but Gamecop rejected his idea.




I edited the posts.

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hey didn't want to start a new thread and this looked like a good spot to ask, where are you guys going for anime news? i'm looking for a site that just suggest some anime or just tells you about up and comming things to watch for. i usally just go on word of mouth through friends but got to wondering where people went for info.





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