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Router or Dongle


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Nintendo WiFi $50 Dongle or good $50 Router?


Router advantages:

+ Could be more useful because it can route.. anything

+ May last longer, not as easy to lose?


Router disadvantages:

- Would be hard to setup in infrastructure mode (although it looks like Mario Kart DS is in Ad-Hoc.)


Dongle advantages:


+ Just plugin, window, and go


Dongle disadvantages:

- Costly for a little USB thing that can only route to the DS

- Easy to lose




So, do you think I should be a $50 Router or a $50 Dongle? What would you buy? Answers appreciated! :)

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The only real disadvantage to using a router is if you don't know how to set it up, it'll be less secure... It of course won't be as easy as the usb stick, but it's also has other advantages.


Whatever, it's your money - pay a little more or learn a little more :)



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Ya, dongle might be cool since you can just go over to a friends house and plug it into their computer's usb slot. Would be quite annoying to do that with a router, and you will have a tougher time convincing your friend that you are gonna hook up your wireless router which needs a plug in, another lan cable, and you have to disconnect their net just to hook it up. Mind you I have a router so I don't think I need to worry.

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Yeah, I want a router, but thinknig about how I'm always switching computers and at school and back home and always someplace else, I find a dongle will be easier. I can easily set up a router and have it going, but my parents might not want me to hook up another router or rip out the other one for this, just for my DS.


With the dongle, I can throw it on my computer in my room, or the living room computer, play, and then goto the college, plug it into their computers with blazingly fast t3 connection, sit and play my lunch hour away. (I spend my entire day over there in one computer lab anyway, so it'll make working even harder ;) )


Well, thats my decision. :)

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