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Too much to take pictures of right now, maybe later, but I'll describe.


In my entertainment center (which is 8'Lx5'Hx2'D, solid cherry) is my 27" TV where my Gamecube finds itself tucked beside.

On the shelves behind a glass door from top to bottom is my stereo on shelf 1, VCR with Dreamcast ontop on shelf 2 and Xbox on shelf 3.

A large cabinet which is 2/3 the length in the bottom contains my Sega Saturn and my N64, the other cabinet is the other 1/3 and contains all my extra junk like controllers, light guns etc.


Then theres my computer desk.......the mess lol


L shaped desk, a 17" monitor and a 15" monitor on it with 3 PC towers on the floor (1 in the process of being fitted with drives, for my mother)....and a mess of MY LIFE!


Pictures "may" follow later...........

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I can't take a picture, but my gaming room is my basement, which is also my room. I have an NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, N64, GameCube, PSX, PS2, GB, GBC, 2 GBA's, and all of my games strewn on the floor with a ton of tangled cords all connected to this early 90's television with incorrect colors.


One day I'm gonna organize all of that. It may take a few hours, but by George, I'll do it.

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