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There is so much to chose from dude.

I will list a few ignoring zelda and the mario stuff.


Chrono trigger.RPG

Probotector[ contra] Side scolling shooter

Turtles in time [try it its great!!] side scrolling wack em up

shadowrun, cyber punk RPG brilliant

Piolet wings [flight sim but nintendo style]


Flashback, real time animation side scroller defently a tuff cookie but outstanding never the less.

Yoshis Island!!

UN squardron

Actraiser, side scroller and god sim brill

Chopolifter, just get it!

metroid 3 [super metroid]

super aleste, very tuff over head shooter one of the first snes games to incorparate speach

super punch out ya!


super star wars

and unirally. :D

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No mario and zelda huh well...


1. FF3/FF6

2. Chrono Trigger

3. FF2/FF4

4. FF5

5. Secret of mana 2

6. Kirby something uhh yeah :D

7. Killer instinct

8. Megaman games <---too many and im not even gonna bother yaaah

9. Super metroid

10. DBZ: Super butoden 3 <---Only dbz game where its fair and i dont get beat up and junk.


There ya go!

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I don't know if I can come up with ten titles besides the ones already listed but how bout:


Prince of Persia


Harvest Moon






Zombies ate my nieghbors


Any of the Star Wars games

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Yoshis Island!!


Thats mario...well kind of lol :lol:




I know but i have an affinaty towards that game i once saved all my poket money up for it, it had taken me ages.


Look for my review of it when ME! gets his site on the net.


Oh and heres a site that every snes dude should know of buy now ill put it up anyways get everything here http://members.madasafish.com/~kefka/

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thanks alot some good choices there! i was firstly writting to apologise 4 my appalling lack for grammer before and to recommend metal warriors which really has to b one of my favs

any more suggestions would b welcome too


PS never play the home improvement game, its crap :D

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my recommendations are


digital devil story/shin megami tensei

star ocean

final fantsy 3

chrono trigger


mario rpg




international superstar soccer

soccer shotout

fifa international soccer


Beat em up:

final fight saga

river city ransom/kunio kun games

the peace keepers



Megaman x series

Demon´s crest <------ sort of Mega Man but about demons, really cool

super metroid super mario world

Donkey Kong country series


Other sports:

boxing legends of the ring


shooting games:

wild guns


fighting games:

fighters history

sf saga

world heroes

fatal fury 2/fatal fury special


other games:

aero fighters

wild trax

star fox

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