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  1. I'm searching pics about this console. Can you help me?
  2. Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy III Super Punchout Final Fantasy V 7th Saga Dragon Ball Z 2 Dragon Ball Z 2 Int. Super Star Soccer Deluxe Illusion of Gaia Super Tennis
  3. I like Seibu Cup too, that soccer game with a guy playing for Argentina that looks like Maradona.
  4. I love Kazaa and I disagree with you, Emsley. Maybe you had a lot of bad luck because I downloaded a LOOOT of files (games, videos, MP3, etc) and I hardly ever had problems.
  5. The reason why EA Sports doesn't include the Argentinian League is because of problems with the contract. EA attempted to do this but never agreed with the AFA. Anyway, I think FIFA sucks, Wining Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer are the best games by far.
  6. DC rules, I've found a lot of difficult stuff. like roms and ovas
  7. DC rules, I've found a lot of difficult stuff. like roms and ovas
  8. Chronno Trigger and Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo
  9. Saint Seiya Database saint-seiya.ath.cx MangaZone mangazone.no-ip.com -=THE-PIT=- hellspit.no-ip.info
  10. No Kidding!! enter the ftp now, NeoRAGEx full list. Look for "Pacletti's NeoRAGEx roms" and you will find what you were expecting.
  11. You're right. We must not forget the games that we used to play when we were younger. King of Fighters, Rage of the Dragon, etc. are excellent games, but Art of Fighting gave me hours and hours of fun.
  12. May the 29th? that'll be 2 days after my birthday, I hope that this game will be a nice present
  13. I agree with ME!, CuteFTP is the easiest one. Everyone can learn how to use this program easily.
  14. I don't understand what's happening with you guys. Perhaps is an Internet Explorer problem. I'm testing the site right now, it works perfect. http://www.ikuzo.kit.net/awp/awp.htm It's portuguese
  15. I can't select only one: - Double Dragon - Super Punchout - Street Fighter 2 CE - Hat Trick Hero - etc...
  16. Kof2001 for MAME? go to: it's a spanish site, but I think you can make it through Edited by GryphonKlaw
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