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Tai-Squenix Merger (almost) Done


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September 22, 2005 - Square Enix's surprise buyout of Japanese amusement giant Taito is nearing completion, with the company announcing today that it has completed a stock purchase program and now has enough shares in Taito to finish the buyout. Over a period of one month starting 8/22 and ending 9/22, Square Enix was able to purchase 346,689 shares of Taito, well above its goal of 247,900 shares. As a result, Taito will become a full Square Enix subsidiary starting on the 28th.


This most recent industry shake up met with a mixed response following Square Enix's declaration of its intentions back on August 22. However, it was Square Enix shareholders that questioned the deal, citing that the offer price for each share of Taito stock was too high. Clearly, Taito share owners didn't have such objections.


Despite the quick change of guard, don't expect to see Space Invaders under the Square Enix name any time soon. Square Enix representatives have stated that they plan on keeping the two brand names separate.



By next thursday, Taito will be completely owned by Squeenix.

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