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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Thread


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This is a discussion. We will not discuss how to aquire this, however, we will discus the soon to be released movie.


For those wondering, 9/14 Japan 11/XX North America TBA Europe/NZ/AUS


I know it isn't out in those areas yet, but those who know how to buy/aquire this, this is place and might possibly be heavily spoilered. You've been warned.

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Erm it has been recently released as raw on different sites.  I'm just waiting for the U.S. release and hopefully it won't disappoint my expectations.


Hopefully it'll answer some of the questions that left us hanging after Final Fantasy 7...

But the thing is, rip it self is poor. Which leads me to wanting to buy it my self if it ever comes out on time. Or


The movie it self is very excellent, wonderful ballads and classical 7 tunes are remixed and sound great. The voice cast was amazing. Massive props to SE and the FF7 team for this. Here's to hoping that what ever else they have in mind come out as good, if not better, then this.


I also wonder whats taking so long with it being released in North America. Almost everything but the voices are in english already

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Yea, even though it might be Divx quality, I'm still going to buy it.


I've heard the movie was good, and just by looking at the trailers made my desires grow exponentially.


No idea why its taking longer to get here but maybe they are wondering how to market this in the US? (No idea... )

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