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how about a new logo for the emu?


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Sorry about the delay in replying - I have limited internet access and don't get to surf the web very often, so don't panic if you don't hear from me for a few days. Or buy me a phone or DSL connection :thumbsup1:


The logo's look nice and you are obviously good at making them, but I'd like something more DS specific. Think about integrating something to do with the DS, or the touchscreen, wireless, microphone, etc. Something that defines what's unique about it.


Age means nothing to me so don't worry about that.

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oh! thanks a lot ! you really make me sOOO happy..... :banghead:


dont worry people, i will have atleast 5 more logos in a few days..... hope u can wait that long...


i wanted to know something, er..the final logos might be useful to you right?



once again, thanks a lot for those sweet words!

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made 2 more... please help me by giving me comments and ideas..

it would be REALLY helfull if the admin enables the upload button for me...








i worked a lot on the blue one... it is a result of 2 different programs.

i looks a bit messy... but i wanted 2 know what u think...

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