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  1. Ideas is out and it is Great! Supposedly you can play in game of Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow. Go to the Ideas web site to find out. http://spazioinwind.libero.it/linoma/ideas.html Also go to the ngemu.com web site to read about when version of Ideas beta was in the making, you can see some pictures as well of Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow.
  2. the ideas site I found out had moved and the ideas had been updated as I found out today, a few days ago I figured out the ideas could actually play in game in metroid prime hunters demo, you press z with ideas, but when you get to the hud = heads up display, it decides to crash. I now found out from another link I put in my favorites not more than a week ago from another source that it was the new address but it didn't work a week ago, I decided to try it today and what do you know, when I thought my ip was banned from his site for no reason but I wasn't really sure, it wasn't that at all but the other way around kinda, his ip was banned from I think his host for the site. I clicked on the link and it said all that, now when I decided to click add to favorites to have a new favorites name, I go to that and it only shows the latest info, did he update his site as I was viewing it? I went back to it minutes later to see only latest news on the main page? Now you can download, I have been waiting for this for a while to come out in a new version, with metroid prime hunters I can no go past the hud crash and it moves forward but like the character "samus aras" is actually floating. I went away from the pc for a few minutes to return and see that in the next room after floating there, there was I think enemies flying in and out of the room, maby you are in the room but the game can't read it correctly from the emulator or maby it is correct as shown, the graphics have a few things they need fixed, I noticed it has a plugin system option now built in so that you can make 3d, 2d and audio, now you can make 2d, 3d and audio plugins to make it work but like he says on his site, ask lino first before you make one! hey I am looking forward to a new audio plugin and a direct3d plugin thats for sure, as well as a 2d plugin for implementing with the 3d plugins? Heh I actually can't wait for any and all plugins video/audio related. I noticed that when I try to download the new version of the emulator, it doesn't get it all the way or maby even close to all the way, it seems to get less and less in size the more I try to download it so I used getright the pause acceleration type downloading manager program, that worked best at around 105 kb when it says 104 kb without getright being used. The site link is - http://spazioinwind.libero.it/linoma/ideas.html
  3. hi, I havn't posted in a while, I know this is off the topic but why is ideas web site down? for a few weeks now I've been getting, site does not exist when I click on it under favorites, has the ideas owner of the emulator banned my ip for some unknown reason? The link to the site is http://www.ideasemu.altervista.org/ I don't even know the owner of the emulator, why is the site down? I would think they would have had the news on ngemu.com but no news yet. Sorry for going off topic. If you need a site with unlimited download space so that you can have your own downloads, go to - http://manage.hosted.filefront.com/
  4. I havn't heard from doublec, if he needs some internet, I could help him get unlimited, I wish he would at least respond, doublec what is your email address? Maby he is just not able to get internet until the beginning of the month, he might get back on next month. If he doesn't have unlimited internet, thats why maby. Hi laserjohn, I think he would like an animated logo for his GUI, because the better it looks, the more interested others will be in it. You should add some falling snowflakes for christmas lol, and a halloween style with some pics and a bouncing pumpkin, but keep them seperated in a package, remember that some users don't have a 3d card capable of animated logos or particles, there emulator or pc might crash. :/
  5. doublec.. you have limited internet access? why, what is your internet, do you need unlimited dial up? I will send you an email here in a few minutes, be checking your mail, hope that you cleaned your inbox. I will find your email on your dsemu site, I hope you get it, check it right away. Also... please no one send me an email about this, I just like to let him have the ability to be on forums more, upload his new emu versions without the limit of internet access and just all around want to allow him to be online. I know what that is like to be limited to what you can have, so please check your email. Please no spam my inbox and don't sign me up for junk mail. :/ When you send me email, make sure you add a good subject, or I'll just take it as junk mail, if you say I got your response, click now to find out more, that sounds like a fake and of course it is. I usually just select all and delete because it is too much email and most junk mail. I hope to hear from you, looking forward to it! Also, what games presently can be playable on your dsemu version, and what will be in your next? You don't have to say, or if you want, tel me in your email. Oh and I found a website that will let me have free unlimited storage and around I think 1 gigabyte in size of each upload. I can give you the link if I can find it, I'll try through my email. This would be a good thing because I could then have others re-direct to that for downloads, I would think it would be good for you too for dsemu to be re-directed through there fast servers that are enormous in size, again you don't have to if you don't want to use something like that, just a suggestion that would upgrade/improve traffic/download transfer speeds as well as popularity in your content, you can even add pictures to the front of the server on the site where you want to show others top rated - most downloaded, and other content, I use another site though but I use the server for my files now and I have viewers of the site click on the links to the server or at least thats going to be my idea. I know I say way to much, I have way to much on my mind. :/ Sorry for all this typing, I guess it was better than tripple-replies for the filtering on this forum. For now I'm going to email and then I'm gonna check into some stuff I need to do, hope to hear from you. Great emulator by the way, I really can't wait for the next version. PCSX2 has lost the lead programmer because the lead programmer is not interested anymore? I feel bad because that inspired me to want to have it badly by going to that site to see that emulator as well as the nintendo ds emulators up and in progress. Laserjohn... I think you should try and add particles falling from the dsemu logo when a user opens the program and the GUI - graphics user interface shows, I think an animated menu would be great. Yes you do need to make it more about the emulator and your off to a good start, keep up the good work, hope to see new creativity in the emulator as time passes. doublec How would you get a sound to work when you open the emulator, I know that probably isn't necessary but is an idea, maby something to turn off the sound when it starts up under the options, as well as by default / first time startup, can you get mmx as well as 3dnow! features in dsemu?
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