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how about a new logo for the emu?


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you know, i was thinking, i could help you guys and show my gratitude by making a few logos out of which you can choose and comment on.... all i need is the green light to get started on :D.... what do you think? i can make 3-5 logos in a day...i can make 3D and 2D logos.... if anyone wants to see some of the older logos and 3D models i made, ask me......

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alright here they are>>> keep in mind these ARE NOT THE FINAL PICTURES!!! here they just have the DSemu logo.. no version name ETC... if you want me to add anything or make more logos, you are always welcome to comment and make it better....















Copy these URLs to the address bar and click go....


i couldnt make them as an image here beacuse it said"no dynamic web pages allowed'


please help me to make it better if needed....

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so how is it? does anyone like it?


any comments on it? doublec, what do u think?


be sure to comment on it...



If you want more logos.... and more themes, tell me...

please, if you dont like it, tell me ways to make it better according to your taste...

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