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Which processor?


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For example, and AMD64 3000+, which clocks at around 2Ghz, is basically the equivalent of an Intel CPU running at 3Ghz. Or that's how I've figured it anyways.


4000+ == 4Ghz, 3500+ == 3.5Ghz and so on.

I think you mean AMD64 3000+ ==== intel 3Ghz

..... is that right!!!!!!

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if you buy from www.newegg.com they tell you the actual speed on the processor, and that number as well, which helps.


Remember though, AMD64s have HUGE L2 caches in comparison to P4, and are also 64bit, so its much more efficient <_<


I want to switch to AMD really badly, but dont have teh money for a new mobo :shootem:

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