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Freezing PC

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My graphics card is...NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64, LOL. Please don't tell me it sucks because I already know that. So how will I be able to fix this problem?



agozers` right this vcard thus not suck btw i had the same vcard at my p2 pc.. LOL. i had encounterd same problem u have here the only solution is install an old vcard driver, dont ask y i just do that! btw the version i used is 56.72 nvidia driver. just find it at www.nvidia.com just search the old card. then after install try to run dxdiag if its ok. :afro:

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Alright, i'm gonna try it out with old driver. In response to GryphonKlaw's questions, my computer freezes normally around 25 minutes of use and no the screen does not get garbled, it just stays on the screen where I froze.


TNT2 vcard usually get buggy wen u use recent/latest drivers trust me i tried it.. :afro:

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Im some kind of techie, i do this to make my living.


First you said your comp freezes only when you have steam on.

Steam is an internet proggy. It maybe possible, that your comp freezes due to some network intrusion while being online. Do you have a personal firewall up and running ? If not, go get one.


Second thing you mentioned is, you say the comp freezes upon playing in fullscreen. This can have several reasons:


1) You videocard overheates. Make sure your card doesnt get too hot


2) Buggy drivers ofcourse, try some different versions or other drivers like omega if they work on your card.


3) What games you play, and more important, which DirectX version do they require. Modern games require DirectX 9 and there are some features that need hardwaresupport to work properly. If your card doesnt support DirectX9 that may be a cause too. You can allocate the problem and check if the PC dies at a certain place of a level. Mayhappen that some graphical features appear on the map requiring hardware support, freezing you PC for the lack of it.


4) RAM. Dunno your Windows version, but try run MEMTEST from www.memtest86.com and check wether your RAM got buggy over the years. it can be loaded on a bootable Disk/CD and stress-tests your RAM.


Finally ofcourse your CPU can overheat or have become buggy. If all fails, try re-installing windows. If that helps it may be some DLL conflict or god knows what. If your comp freezes from a fresh installed windows too, it ought to be a hardware prob.

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Let me share a story with all of you


About 4-5 months after I got my first computer for the first time my video game froze. (Ghost recon). So I rebooted and though, meh, just a special oocurence, since that day for about 6 months I had the same problem, any full screen program froze my computer after about the same amount of time broken arrow freezes. I looked every were for solution, and at the last month of those 6 months of hell, came my b-day, which was when my father bought a new video card, which worked perfectly.


If this continues to happen, then I think it's time you get a new vid card >.>.....

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