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Freezing PC

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In response to Agozer it reaches around 76% and decides to freeze and just stay at the same screen. I have tryed to run it three times. In response to Jjang i have 256MB of SDRAM ram, 1.5 GHz P4, 18 GB free on my main hard drive and 5 GB on my external hard drive. The funny thing about this whole problem was I never had a problem before. It only occured in maybe late July, early August and has been doing it ever since.

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If it appeared all of a sudden, its most likely some software problem. A broken DLL file, DLL and/or driver version conflicts or god knows what. As i suggested earlier, reinstall Windows, then try again.

If the problem persists after a clean install, its most likely a hardware problem.

But first you should check your CPU cooler too, maybe your CPU gets too hot. Check the CPU temperature in the BIOS after your comp crashed if there is such option. And wait for Memtest to finish to make sure your RAM isnt wrecked. If your CPU temperature doesnt raise above Intels specifications, and your RAM works fine in Memtest, reinstall Windows.

Next option would be the powersupply being broken, not able to support your comp with the needed energy (any more) when its under load.

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I'm guessing nobody here know's how to fix my problem. Also, I can't reinstall Windows because I don't have a disc. It came installed on my computer.

What? They didn't give you an OEM Windows XP disc to go with the computer? That's pathetic.

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Always demand that they give you the operating system on CD as well. They're the kind of people that think "He'll never format his computer. Ever. We'll just charge him extra when he bring it back to us."

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