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Freezing PC

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I'm not exactly the most technical person with computers so I wouldn't know how to do that.


Thats really something anyone can do.

Open your PC case (with power off ofcourse and after having removed the monitor cable.)

When you see the GFX card, you will noticed its screwed to the backside of the case with a single screw. Remove that one.

If you have an AGP card, there may be a little plastic thingy at the end of the agp port (to the front of the case). Slide that away. But not many have this slider, its only there to keep the card in place.

Then gently pull the card out. Stuff other one in. Slider back in place if there is one. Screw back in, thats it.

Plug Monitor back on card, then power on PC again.

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Sorry to do this but I have even more to say about this problem. I decided to start running my programs windowed like my emulators but once again it freezes my computer. When I try to convert a movie it freezes. Please do not lock this because I can do barely anything except go on the internet or listen to music on my computer.

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People might have said this before, but you're omputer might be overheating alot, the memory has gone bad, the mother board drivers (whatever those may be) are buggy or the motherboard itself is busted.


I suggest that you test your memory with MemTest, so you'll at least know if your memory is bad.

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You should try to locate the problem a little better.


Does your PC crash only when you launch games and emus or does it crash on normal applications too ?

If it occurs with games/emus mostly, it may be that your DirectX is screwed.

If you have Windows XP Pro installed, run setup again from within windows.

Dont format the Harddrive tho, install over existing version, solved some probs for me with bugged DirectX. Shortcuts and stuff will stay.

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Your video card ain't the problem because I have the same exact video card like you. I can run full-windowed programs, movies, etc.


I have the latest drivers for the card and it seems to work fine for me.


How much ram do you have? Whats your cpu and how much space do you have left in your hard drive?

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