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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Thanks! :) Just bought another GameBoy+game since I wrote that post, lmfao. :unsure: Actually, what brought me here was the DS homebrew (ds2key, I think). I was putting a bunch of DS homebrew for someone, came across this forum, and thought it looked interesting, so I decided to register.

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Hello everyone! My name is ROB aka MaximumRD.

I found this site fortunately do to someone who linked to the thread about 3DO overclocking! Always a pleasure to discover what appears to be another cool site, had a look through some of the forum categories and I like what I see! I am sure you will all be shocked to learn I am a older male into video games old and new (though I have a heavy interest in the "classics") my main interest and hobby focus is classic gaming and computing. I have been into emulation as long as I can remember to, it is often funny / sad as I am sure many here can relate to how much utter ignorance and misinformation that goes around when it comes to emulation, from people confused between emulation / ports to the holier than though types who scream "PIRACY!" the second you even bring up emulation or roms etc. While there are legal areas and morals to consider it's a pet peeve of mine when people spout off all kinds of untruths and flat out lies on the subject.


I suspect on a site with emulation in the title one can find like minded people who are fans as well as knowledgeable. Myself, I would say my history of gaming / computing goes back to even before the Atari 2600 and Commodore PET computers. Of course I enjoy being able to revisit a variety of classic platforms via emulation and along with a Classic Gaming / Computing focused Youtube page and Facebook Group I also started not long ago a Facebook Emualtion group too! In my humble opinion emulation is a great thing and hey as many older consoles / computers / handhelds etc hardware becomes harder to come by, more rare or simply obscure emulation may become the only way to revisit it all. Don't get me wrong though, I am big on using the original hardware/software when and where possible but good emulation is convenient when there is no other option. Well, I'm going to go check out some threads, get a feel for the place and look forward to meeting you all.

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Member Since 09 Feb 2008 << daaaaamn, that's a while.

But put me in the noob box, I am just looking for people from the old anarchy and havoc forums, no real reason just bored and missing the good old times. Are there any still lurking around?


a few of us still pop in - but for whatever reason new threads dont last long and the emu lads dont talk much off topic.

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