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  1. Back then, I was in primary school. I first became aware of the attack when I came home from school that Tuesday and it was the only thing on television. I don't remember being scared, angry, or anything, but I did feel a little uneasy because I had to travel by air a lot because my parents lived in separate countries.
  2. Thanks! Just bought another GameBoy+game since I wrote that post, lmfao. Actually, what brought me here was the DS homebrew (ds2key, I think). I was putting a bunch of DS homebrew for someone, came across this forum, and thought it looked interesting, so I decided to register.
  3. Hi! I've been using emulators since around 2007 on my WinXP PC; NullDC, ZSNES, Nestopia, that kind of stuff. I bought a DS Lite December that year, then an overpriced retail flash cart that only played homebrew, which I used to run a few emulators. I later invested in an expensive $50 CycloDS Evolution when that piece of crap died. A couple years ago, I got a Wii, softmodded it on the same night, and installed a bunch of emulators on it. I've been enjoying Genesis, NES, and SNES games, mostly. I play a couple of N64 games on it, as well. I purchased a Classic controller for it; extremely useful. Last year, my DS died, I got into Linux, and my focus shifted to the GPH Caanoo and PSP Slim; I bought both of those last winter. They're both great for emulation, but I prefer the Caanoo for the joystick, comfort, faster/better emulation of some consoles, and all of the great homebrew software out there for it. I use the PSP for the PS1 games that don't run well on the Caanoo, C64 games, videos, and music. More recently, I've installed MAME on Ubuntu 11.04 on my netbook, as my Win7 Dell Dimension desktop is an absolute mess and has serious problems regarding the Radeon video card designed for Windows Vista. I'm probably going to be using an old XBOX controller with Mame, or hook up my PSP, which isn't as comfortable. I've been obsessed with Atari Lynx, Game Gear, and Gameboy stuff over the past year; I've got a Game Gear with about 9 games, two Atari Lynx with 8 games, and 3 (soon to be 4) Gameboys with around 6 games. I found the lot on Craigslist, a thrift store, and a local retro video game store. Well, not that local; one city over. Edit: I've also been getting into some C/SDL.
  4. Perhaps someone gutted it and swapped in an NTSC board? That's my guess. Anyway, I've got a Canadian SNES mini and it crashes if you so much as poke it if you're playing a North American game, but if I put in a Japanese game, I don't have any trouble at all!
  5. 16GB sticks work with 6.20; I bought a 16GB knockoff from Dealextreme, it's been working surprisingly well.
  6. Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Kind of like Minecraft+Metal Gear minus the excitement of Metal Gear. It has an "Autism" mode, which is like Minecraft Classic, as well as various other game modes, which are unlocked as you complete other modes. I've been playing this thing on the Caanoo, but there's a Wiz and PC release, as well. I've also been playing Steelstorm from the HIB3, which is a lot of fun online. I recently played campaign mode for a couple of hours with a friend.
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