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*crickets* This place is dead.


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1) Finish college

2) Get work as a freelance IT consultant

3) Save money, open a comic shop named the Wookie's Cavern




Sounds like a long life dream :(



1) Finish College

2) Job

3) Marriage

4) Spare time things = Invent something, Program Something, or Movie something

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I guess I didn't give my list yet.


- Do well on the MCATs.

- Keep my GPA at 3.9 (Damn you Survey of English Language! )

- Get into a good medical school.

- See George Carlin live.

- Get into an awesome residency program.

- Do fellowship in cardiology or oncology.

- Obtain a non-biatch wife.

- Join a good clinic and/or do research for a university and/or pharmaceutical company.

- Create progeny to carry on my family name.

- Send those flockers to Ivy Leagues.

- Take care of my parents.

- Die.

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