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  1. Is this supposed to use a new graphics engine, or the same old one? I heard rumor of a system based on the Guilty Gear engine...
  2. I thought it was great...but, I am a little biased, seeing as the script was based on Punisher issues written by Garth Ennis. Anything he is involved in is freakin' gold.
  3. Great story...everyone knows some retard like that. I get the feeling that the story was a little *ahem* 'enhanced' for dramatic effect. Still damn funny though...
  4. , I know, I know, Don't you guys feel that X-Box modding is a lot different than other emulation? I never feel bad about playing out-of-print arcade and old console games, but I think X-Box and the other current-gen consoles need to be supported.
  5. You know, they have pills for obsessive-compulsive disorder now.
  6. 2 times a week, unless I do something active. We programmers don't tend to generate a lot of perspiration...
  7. I was thrilled when I heard the Revolution would offer game downloads and online play. How can you beat online Mario Kart? But just yesterday I found out that the Revolution is only going to be compatible with wireless internet. Great job Nintendo, way to alienate ANOTHER huge percentage of your supporters. I don't even know if I am gonna buy one now..
  8. Thanks, gonna spend it playing MVC2 with my friends, now that I finally got it working again.
  9. All the interesting personalities? But RAW got Carlito, and thats...... ....cool. /Sorry, couldn't resist
  10. Got it! Guess you were right, the flash created by Chankast is faulty. Once I copied your flash.bin in, I set it to "Read Only" so it can't become corrupted again. Thanks alot, I really appreciate it
  11. It HAD to be a set up...they replayed the Matt Hardy segment earlier in the show... They did a great job dealing with it though..NO commentary whatsoever. I still am holding on to the theory that the whole thing (the affair, everything) was a work on the part of WWE to use the internet to thier advantage for once. What do you think?
  12. That would be great if you could post the dc_flash file. My only guess is that the bios file somehow became corrupted. Does the emu write directly into the bios file? Would setting it to "Read Only" change anything? I dunno.......just brainstorming. But thanks for the help....I download that file as soon as it is up and let you know.
  13. Well, for some reason that changed the dreamcast swirl to red instead of blue, but other than that, no change. Same infinite loop. I have tried using both CD-Rom settings also (xxx and the other one), and still nothing. "Help me Agozer-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"
  14. I didn't touch the date/time. It prompts me for it twice, then loads the Dreamcast main menu. If I hit "Play", it re-starts the loop. I know my bios aren't bad...it was working fine before.
  15. Hey guys I could really use a hand. I had Chankast (the newest ver) running Marvel vs Capcom 2 just yesterday, no problem. Today, I mounted the image using Deamon Tools, set the drive, and went to play, but all I get is an infinite loop at the "Enter Date/Time" screen. All other games now do the same thing. It was JUST WORKING! I tried re-installing Chankast and re-formating the VMUs, but no luck. Any ideas? Very frustrating..... Thanks
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