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*crickets* This place is dead.


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- Obtain a non-biatch wife.






Heck, I'll fourth that one!



1. Finish last 2 years of high school.

2. Get into the the japanese college and the interanional relations college, both in Bucharest.

3. Get a job as a multi-lingual translator and work my way up to ambassador in [insert prefered country here]

4. Collect as many games, roms, isos, OSTs, mugen stuff, emulators, consoles, handhelds and animes as possible.

5. Marry at 30 years minimum with the legendary non-biatch wife.

6. Produce 1 boy, to whom I would pass on my collection of see #4.

7. Die with Final Fantasy tattooed on my forehead and King of Fighters engraffed on my heart-side chest.


p.s. as 2 side quests:

1. obtain a nukular bomb and wipe out Hungaria

2. destroy #1emu @ efnet

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1)be a student again only for a college or university majoring in something I'm satisfied with


2) get a job I'm satisfied with for a while




4)get a job I'm even more satisfied with


5)find a better place to live


6)let the wind carry me from there


I will attempt this plan starting this coming fall

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"ok". What's wrong with Hungary?


Everything beggining from the fact that they actually exist in this world and ending with them breathing air (unexcusable as they expire farts and other

gaseous material that not only damage the ozone layer but *gasp* piss me off!), but you can't see the logic if you aren't a romanian.




Therefore it is imperative that I get my hands on a big bertha. :devilboy:


Must be the British blood in him biggrin.gif


I'm no brit chav, mate... <_<

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