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Another one of those things that make u go hmmmm..

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I guess if you had two sexual organs, you might be considered lucky as well. That is a very strange occurrence, though. I wonder how well that dog can walk, considering the two extra legs.

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GAH!!! mods got to him before I did. I hate being a slow typer.


OK, im not sure which section to put this question in so im just gonna ask... Does anyone know what a.bob file and how can i get it to work?

what? what does that have to do with a dog with 6 legs and 2 censores?!?!? you didn't know where to ask so you just slapped it in any random topic?!?!? and expected an answer?!?!?

I think that question warrents it's own topic in PC TECHNICAL HELP!



but because I feel ok today I won't belittle you to much..bob files are used with a outdated (i didn't even know it was used anymore) downloader called bobdown. the bobdown site (www.bobdown.net) has been taken over by one of those catchall search/spam/spyware sites so I dunno where you'd even get the program anymore.

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