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Best memories from 1Emulation.

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hahahah yeah. Man I miss those days, when I first joined. Things are just different here now. Did I miss anything since my lack of activity here?

The world changed for the better!


ego-centric leet-speak moron



We all know Skythe is another internet troll who goes around telling how great he is and how he and Maddox are great buddies!

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I think the two most memorable moments for me in my few months here have been the April Fool's joke, and competing against Sturmvogel for the Hovercraft Racing title (the only one I could ever keep from him for more than a few hours, lol) And also getting to know several nice and helpful people around here. :)

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K'dash, you better watch out or he'll whip out another HILARIOUS picture like a box of Midol! I don't think you want to be a victim to such ownage. :)

Ownage is when I get schooled by 3 year old playing MVC2.

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