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PlayStation 3 Officially Announced for 2006


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That Gamespot article was updated again with this:

To show off the PlayStation 3's graphical brawn, Sony showed several game demos, including an Unreal 3 tech demo of an Unreal Tournament 2007-esque shooter. In what must come as a relief to developers, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney was on hand to vouch for the PS3, saying it was "easy to program for" and that Epic had received its first PS3 hardware two months ago. He proved the tech demo was real time by showing it again and by manipulating the camera and zooming in.
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Damn that is slick.


A slot-loading disc drive and no visible frontside ports (though they might be hidden under the bump to the left of the drive). Interesting..


All three colors are quite sexy, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed the spider-man font. It's not all gaudy looking like the 360, and should blend nicely into an entertainment center. It also looks fairly small, based on the outlets on the back.


It has 3 rj45 connectors - one input and two outputs - according to those specs. Anyone know why you'd need to specify like that? It also had wifi connectivity with the PSP.


And damn that's a good list of developers. This should be a good few years for gamers.


Edit: Just noticed - no holes. How are they cooling this beast? Even water-cooling needs holes, doesn't it?

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There's a pic of the controller up now at the above pics link. I'm a little dissapointed about it, but I'll reserve final judgement until I hold it.


Edit - Ok, I refreshed and htere's a new pic now. Just keep checking that link I guess. <_<

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New controller?



OH SHITT haha talk bout goin into the future. geez louise~!


i dont even know what to say. i like it, but i dont. the two side panels are a bit too much. everything else is quite nice. man, looks like a generic pc controller. hmmmm

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thats a good question. considering that Sony just got their balls sued for the Duel Shock tech., im not so sure if they can do it for this one. i personally wouldnt care if they did or not. to be honest, i dont really notice it.


it seems like its wireless, so wireless is the new norm. too bad there isnt any word for rechargable stations for it. im still weird on the controllers though...*sigh*

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