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Doom 3

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I just got Doom 3 for Xbox. It is such an awsome game!


The graphics aren't as good as on the PC, but everything else is the same.


Super Turbo Turkey Pucher 3 is the best minigame in any game.


I got the Collector's Edition which contains interviews with John Carmack and the other ID people. It also contains the Ultimate Doom and Doom II


This is one of the best FPS that I have played on the Xbox or anyother console.

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btw.. what score did you get on playing STTP3 ? =D btw.. try get a score of 250,000 (I think it's 250k).. anyway.. once you achieve that score, you uncover an easter egg :thumbsup1:

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its a decent port for xbox's sake and i know plenty of ppl are happy to have this especially to those who have an older pc that can't handle the pc version of doom 3.


only downside is dealing with the classic doom ports that it doesn't fill the screen and is at low res but at least for the classics they included co-op and multiplayer split-screen.


for the classic's sake, i'd rather use the doom-x homebrew since it allows more to be done mod wise and such plus looks a lot better then the ports done by activision/id even tho it doesn't offer the co-op and split-screen multiplayer.

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I'm gonna get it this friday. Does the collectors edition cost more than the regular version or is it the same price?

I think it's like $5-10 more than the regular, like Halo 2 CE was. Also, how long are the interviews?

The individual interviews are about 1-2 minutes long, but the disc also includes the entire G4 special. I know that G4 sucks, but John Carmack and the rest of the owners pretty much tell the story.


It's on Xbox so of course the controls suck complete ass.


The controls aren't that bad, as far as console FPS go. The D-Pad functions as a quick-select for 4 weapons. The D-Pad is customizable, so you don't have to cycle through your weapons everytime that you want the BFG.


Oh yeah... the chainsaw absolutley owns.



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