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1Emulation Flash Movie: Weaknesses

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My First 1emulation movie done. Not a quickie. I actually really put a lot of time into this. Try not to use the scene selection thing because it gets a little messed up.


And for you 56kers, sry but the flash is about 6 mbs. sry about that :/


Otherwise Enjoy!


Fixed: Size had to be bigger in order to see sprites

Creds were fixed too.


Creds: Chonrei - Axl - Sry dude forgot about you until I saw movie.



Click here to download the flash

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Yeah...this is gonna take a while for me. More importantly...do I make a cameo in this? Like as a bird who flies over and pops on Madi's head. :P

I guess I'll stick it out and let it load. -_-


Cha...couldn't stand the wait. Dialup murder. I'll watch it when I'm crusing the wireless.

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Great Job! Loved it, haven't seen that many good sprite movies in a while. I think it's Newgrounds worthy material. -_-

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good job diso. i cant believe i didnt make the cut!!!!


The flash movie was getting big as it is. and originally, drake and 666ghost were cut out until I remembered to put them in. Otherwise, I had the whole storyline plotted out already so there wasn't any room left to add anyone else.

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