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i wonder how long it will take to beat all those games

The person could of already have seeing some of those things date back to the early 80's & 90's, The jag, first 128bit system, too bad it sucked in all deparments but MP and Doom II Lanning.

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the pics don't work for me.... I see teh stupid mario bro's backgraound and those little ripped paper icons :P


edit in -> got it to load, thats alot of stuff. I bet he doesn't even play any of it. looks like an obsessive collector to me.

I've owned most of those systems at one time or another. the amount of games is really what is staggering.

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lol, what if agozer doesnt shop online? The things I want from that room are......The X-Box, GC,PS2, and all the games for all those 3 systems, all the SNES and NES consoles and games also. O, and I have never seen a saturn norn played a game for one so that to

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