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I love the new opening, beatiful animation fluid. The song really fits, man what a sad opening... but more importantly, there was too many spoilers in the opening lol. Oh well it doesn't affect me but manga-only readers is a bit suprised.


But maaan.. hueco mundo sure looks nice, just like i imagine when I first saw the scenery on manga. btw.. the anime seeems to be only around 40+ manga chapters behind, so it isn't far from the manga at all. Hopefully no stupid fillers will slow it down.

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The only reason I started reading the bleach manga 2 and a half years ago was because of my impatience. I really needed to find out what's next. If Bleach wasn't such a good anime, I wouldn't even wanna waste my time. At the same time, when Bleach returned back to the original story, I was thrilled because I get to relive those great moments I read in the manga in pure animation. Hell I can't make out some of the image of the techniques used, then when I watch the anime, I get the better idea how unique it looks. It sure give me a better Wow factor than I see in manga. YOu know when I read bleach scanlations, I do find myself excited reading through it but at the same time, I feel empty (even though I had bleach anime soundtrack on while reading). So it's kinda common sense why most people prefer anime over the manga.

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I agreed with you, magnis. Watching the anime after reading the manga is better and more fun. Which is why i skip the whole Bontou arc <_< Heck, even 8Ring know that the Bontou arc is not popular and did not include into the next Bleach game, except for some supporting partners.

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