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Comic Book Readers (*.cbr)


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I was just wondering if you guys know of the best CBR reader. I know many of you read manga so I'm assuming they are packaged like that so you must use something. I'm going to start a graphic novel collection (already got all of Sin City \o/) and the one I use doesn't open some pages so that pisses me off. I'm using CReader or something like that, I'm in school so I don't remember.


And just so this topic doesn't get moved to PC Tech Help, what comic book or graphic novel collections do you have on your PC or otherwise? Yes, you can even list what manga you have. :punk:

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I rename them to.zip and unzip them, after reading, I delete it, so it won't take space. And I have the Capcom Artworks!

Thats practically longer then my way!


Anyways, wheres Sultan on irc.

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I use that as well. It was just the first one I found and I haven't looked further. I could certainly imagine a better program though.


I have a ton of archives of comics you can take a look at. Find me on irc sometime and I'll let you on my ftp.

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