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  1. Gamecube rocks.. i never had one in the past or even played one. Now I play gc games alot using the wii. Saving money now for a wiiu for xmas!
  2. One of the hack installers is a good one i cant remember which hackmii modmii bootmii. It downloads all the best hacks and wads from the net and puts them all to a sdcard with a good wad manager app to install them. You might learn a bit about the different cios on the way. Then you can use apps like cfgusbloader as a launcher. This will get all things running propperly especially if you have a old one with gamecube controller ports..for playing gc games.
  3. If the hard drive is failed i believe you should still be able to purchase the media dvd from OEM. Side thought: one of the 7 loaders i think will detect the presence of an OEM bios and install just correct certificate for that OEM. Sounds legal to me? Robert is right. Getting this part right about relicensing the system is just as important as fixing any broken hardware.
  4. Hi. If they cant locate original disc and its a retail copy, the pc will have serial number sticker on in which case you can use appropriate disc to install and their serial. If its a OEM copy the serial sticker will be useless but the OEM can supply install media for a small fee. This method of OEM activation is very common on brand name pc or laptop - lookup SLIC v1 v2 v2.1. As these pc bios are unique and basically in there is contained the "license". Most modern pc have no install disc and instead use rescue partition to reinstall. This information may be out of date as I have not done this professionally for quite a number of years now. Kindest Regards
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 - its amazing! great phone.
  6. Yeah or if its the dvd thingo u need some other special tools also.. Think there was only ever the 1 (?) major update that reflashed the drive and caused trouble, since 360 is finished now there may not be any more there. Good to read up about any update before allowing it to run, goes for other console mods too I spose.
  7. Hello.. Probably need to be taken to a shop or such that does the mods.. Was it just a dvd drive hack or a jtag/rgh? either way its not easy unless u have some experience.. If jtag/rgh it need a NAND reflash with a device like a NAND-X . If it was a drive mod then Im not sure as I only have experience with old jtag hack myself... Kindest Regards..
  8. Hello.. I been using OSX on homemade Intel's since 10.4 Tiger. Current desktop triple boots into Winblows, Linux or ML . The OSX sure is great it feels like I have my Amiga back but far more advanced OS and hardware. eg. got a GFX card and it fully works 100% (GTX 670)
  9. Loved this game but wish I bought it for PC instead of 360.. Anyway great atmosphere in a dark room and some good smoko..
  10. What happens if it actually works?

    1. Alpha


      haha. indeed it works. I had this hooked up to Twitter for a day, but Twitter is going to start requiring only websites under SSL to use their API.

  11. Hello all for desktop machine I use that 8 thing but needed to install ex7 for or something. It installs the 7 explorer so it gets rid of metro apps all together and puts the start menu back. this seems to work better for me than those start 8 programs. The site looks great good work
  12. Prometheus. Was great. The 2 hrs went by too fast.
  13. Here http://bluetack.co.u...showtopic=20209 and here http://blocklistpro....-level1zip.html Used to be free, but now you must make a small (at least $3?) donation to download the filters. Those 2 sites are the same crew (B.I.S.S.) added: Another thought, if these guys are so strapped for cash then people must be using another method, or means to get this file..? I do not know this information, though, anybody else knows? The IP Filter file is just a big list of IP's known to be (possibly) associated with tracking people, and all sorts of other filters too. You configure your torrent program with this filter file (pretty sure most of the popular ones support this) It cannot be guarenteed that you would not receive another infringement message. However this would be the best way to try and avoid them if you wish to continue using torrent. Addd2: A final thought, perhaps its the fact that as you are downloading the file, you are actually uploading it from your IP to (seeding) which is the realy illegal part. There is a lovelly hacked Vuze client program which allows you to disable uploading, might be a good idea to use this also. Disclaimer: I could be completely wrong with all this info, take it with a grain of salt.. Hope its usefull...
  14. Use a blocklist. They copyright holder simply seeds their own stuff, and watch the IP's that DL it at what time. Then send the ISP an infringement message.The ISP looks who had what IP at what time and send you an email. Easy.
  15. Really fantastic news. The 360 is a nice platform !
  16. seems that my beef is really with bendermameox.... it does not support the decrypted m or v roms for rotd, even though its named rotdND... grrr... anyway keep up the great work guys, it really is appreciated.. hats off.... kind regards, silVa
  17. bendermameox/kawaks v1 - fa005812 v2 - c3dc8bf0 fbaxxx - pro v1d - 2c49f3fa v2d - 967279da i guess its a stupid question... from the filenames, 1 looks encrypted, fbaxxx-pro decrypted.... seems like to achieve what i want of the games working in both emulators (with the romsets being as neat as possible) - then i must have both encrypted and decrypted archives... taking up my precious diskspace... or dl gigs worth of dev tools, which i may end up doing....
  18. Thank you , yes.. this works fine.... That leads to another point...why am I adding 000s to a file which is fine how it is - that is well known in MAME and Kawaks... to make it a supposedly "pro" version of fba-xxx... its a bit whacked...especially when i just removed half of P1 to go down from 8mb to 4mb , Im doing the opposite things in the same rom! doh! It would be nice to have roms that work in bendermameox and fbaxxx... what would be the difference between the 2 different v roms for this set ?
  19. I tried to double the 64kb 7e06206d to see if I would get a 128kb with crc c5d36af9 but it did not, instead it made a 128kb with crc 6c42c47f. Did I just make a simple mistake or...? It would seem that, if I did it right... then there may be some difference between the 2, since when doubling 7e06.... It does not make c5d36.... Anyone knows how to make c5d36af9... ? Kind regards..
  20. This package looks very elite, I am drooling. -old ami guru
  21. That frog that makes the motorbike engine noises must die
  22. There is a modified Az that has no upload / no ratio, and it also tells the tracker lies as to how much you have uploaded, so lamers that use it have uploaded amounts such as 600-700GB in 4 days. I guess thats a good reason to ban it, also yeah hell, its java, it should be destroyed! =)
  23. Only thing i could suggest is to look at the evolution-x settings. Check the settings DEBUG TSR and In Game reset (IGR) - turn them both off. I have M7 bios and no problem with any games so far -except- ford racing 3 which I had to switch DEBUG TSR to OFF. I have not had the pleasure of trying out Battlefront yet, though. I was testing out the evox trainers at one time and this TSR interfered with ford racing 3. I have PAL xbox and run NTSC and PAL games.
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