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Wild C.A.T.S./Spiderman/X-Men TV shows


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lol those aren't the pics you meant to post are they!


serously, thats how the show looked like....yeah i kno im all geared out in street fighter with my sig, and av, but man, i remember watchin this cartoon like once or twice on USA cable channel....and dude, even i knew this was crap...u want more pics??? i didnt think so....its bad..haha



alrite fine, ill take em off....as long as u guys saw what i was talkin bout haha

heres an actual link so if ur not lazy, this dude reviewed one episode of it and has some more pix....



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No Captain Planet fans here?


The Power is YOURS!  :)


GI Joe was my favorite cartoon.  It had some great voice acting.  I also like the original Batman animated series.  And Tiny Toons!


Damn...I can't believe I forgot Captain Planet. Sure it was cheesey, when you look back at it now, but the music was catchy and it had a good message...stop fuc**** polluting! Wheeler (fire) was my idol, and yeah Linka (russian chick) was hot. Hehe I still kow all their names...


The SF cartoon was okay.It did go into Alpha a bit.

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Never even heard of Wild C.A.T.S...



In my day (yawn) it was all about Transformers. Nothing else was never as good. But I also watched He-Man, Thundercats, Inspector Gadget, M.A.S.K(?) and TMNT (first series).


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fox x-men i do kinda miss and fox's spider-man a bit tho it could've been a lot better.


wildcats i didn't care for much but i also remember savage dragon toon which was ok but not dark as the comic.


i definitely miss classic transformers toon as todays tf just doesn't cut for me tho energon seems promising so far but none the less i got the tranformers dvd sets so i can always watch them :)


i also miss batman toons (fox/wb) which makes me really wanna get the dvd set of it hehe

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man fox was the freakin best channel for back then....now its just a bunch of anime and some crappy ass tv shows except sonic x :)


btw does anybody remember the old school sonic cartoon? man i used to remember waking up when i was in Kinder just to see it , Tails > sonic :P

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Yeah Madi I mentioned it already. It was Sonic the Hedgehog on SatAM (Saturday morning), so most ppl call it Sonic SatAM to contrast with the crappy FOX one. By far the best sonic show for me. I have the opening song to it....I can give it to you if you want.

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