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What did you play most recently?


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A lot of reviews about final Fantasy XII say that it's slow to get rolling, but gets picks up the pace after a while. So, the game suffers from pacing issues in general, and the game is weak during the first hours.




Yes, I invested 18+ hours in to the game, but most of that time was wasted on exploring and trying to get the hang of the Gambit System and the battle system itself. I was about to meet the first Esper, but the area(s) between that particular dungeon and my starting point featured some really difficult monsters. Sure, I could have just ran from them, but I figured it would serve me better if I'd just start over and really put some though into my strategies


Not to mention that many monsters start chasing you if you get too close and very easy and very hard monsters prowl the same areas.


Overall, I'm very pleased with FFXII, it just takes a lot of work to get accustomed to all the new things it has to offer.


I sank ~$67 into my copy.

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To be fair, I only sunk 2 or so hours into it, but I remember how immersing the first 2 hours of FF7,8 and 10 were. Unfortunately XII comes up short for me.

Don't forget FF9.


Which is why, I am playing FFVII again on PSP!! Huzzah!

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Worms World Party


Those banana grenades hurt.

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Crackdown (8/10)

Peter Jackson's King Kong (8/10)

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (6/10)



Phoenix Wright 2 (8/10)

Elite Beat Agent (9/10)

Super Princess Peach (5/10)

Naruto Shinobi Retsuden (5/10)

Wario Master of Disguise (5/10)

Nintendogs (6/10) revisited bah

Mario Kart DS (8/10)

Sprung (7/10)



Street Fighter 2 Turbo (10/10)

Street Fighter Alpha 1 (9/10)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (9/10)

Garou (8/10)

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I was just playing some Jump Ultimate Stars and Metroid Prime: Hunters on my DS. Ultimate Stars is definitely better than Super Stars, and MP:H never gets old with Wifi play.

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I have no idea how Jumpstar works, I was gonna try a simple melee match by choosing one char and a cpu char and hell I don't know where I can find that (maybe it's not in the game ehh). I was forced to do the stupid comic style story/battle or an event.. tch! i hate this game and ultimate so far.. I just want to play it like a simple super smash bros game.

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More Crackdown and Gears of War.


Anyone want to do online co-op for Crackdown? gt: Smi1ee

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