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What did you play most recently?


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Q3 Arena


Who says it get's old?

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Hitman: Blood Money demo.


The demo feels very much like a tutorial level, so I can only hope that the linear gameplay doesn't persist for the rest of the game.


Other than that, it controls about the same as Hitman 2 (maybe a little better), but they completely and utterly lost the feel of the original Hitman and its first sequel. Hitman was never about throwing as much R-rated content in your face as possible, and it's clear that this was a major goal for the people on Blood Money (and, to be fair, on Contracts). Street thugs and their bikini-clad whores are too small for Agent 47. Murdering groveling small-time businessmen over personal vendettas, while they beg on their knees for mercy, is not exactly his style. And what the hell happened to the "Silent Assassin" whose goal it was to kill only the mark? The very trailer shows at least one room littered with bloody bodies that it attributes to the hitman, and the demo has you "clearing rooms" on more than one occasion.


All I'm saying is, if they wanted another Grand Theft Auto wannabe they should have just made one. Damn you Eidos, leave my penitent angel of death alone.

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Just completed Quake 4 singleplayer. Pretty good.

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