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What did you play most recently?


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i played the suffering.. its pretty cool tho kinda weird, violent i like it tho played it twice to get the different endings but iturned evil on both of them if nne ones played it i guess u know what im talking about but yeah i like it

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I am hitting 4 games lately

virtua tennis for psp. I suck, but I am trying to get my virtua people trained.

darkwatch xbox: good stuff so far.

beatdown fists of vengence xbox: hmm I should say this game is bad but there is something about it I like. I could see a sequel being vary good.

the hulk xbox: like spiderman 2 but green. it's good.


those should keep me busy till ulimate spiderman, bully, the warriors and indigo prophesy come out.

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What interest me most in that game is the fact that the lead designer is finnish. Climax tried to make an RPG that would be suited towards the japanese consumers. Sudeki isn't Final Fantasy, but it tries hard and succeeds in some areas while failing in others.

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